1985 In Brief

Dance Outs

Our first dance out was in June 1985 at Eydon Fete in the Hall Grounds.This consisted of the two known dances, done several times, and was said by the Rector to be “very vigorous”.This may have had something to do with the large bucket of beer brought to the pre-fete practice by Nina to ‘calm our nerves’. Nina was our first squire - although we didn't realise it then!

Things were not a lot calmer at our next dance out, at a BBQ at the Royal Oak on August Bank Holiday, which was noted for Pete Clifford falling over mid dance!

New Members

Despite this we gained more new members, and John taught us some new dances from Badby (and gained some publicity) before our first outside-village engagement at the Northampton Beer Festival in September. This was rough for a bit until Nina threaten some heckling bikers with her stick, when they went all quiet.  This put her off and she and Dawn, plus one of the new members dropped out after that. Kevin Lodge takes over as squire.