1987 In Brief

We dance at the now familiar round of Beer Festivals, at Rugby and Northampton, at local pubs and at village fetes.  These include the ‘Fete from Hell’ at Moreton Pinkney, where we get to dance next to the Children’s Disco.
The big event of the year was our first trip away, spending a weekend among the 6-toed natives of Clee Hill.  We stay at the Kremlin, recently taken over by ex- Byfield friends of John & Pat.  Most people get to sleep together, on the floor of the Public Bar, so we all know who snores and who doesn’t.
New Kit this year, Royal Oak badges, sponsored by Derek Hettenbach, new landlord of the Royal Oak, on proper wide red and blue cloth baldrics.   Eventually we are all in white boots as well!
All this sponsorship was because of a projected trip to Rudesheim Carnival in Germany, in March , that didn't quite come off!  

Comings and Goings

Derek Hettenbach, new landlord of the Royal Oak, joins at the start of the year, but finds it difficult to get away regularly to join us.  After watching ‘The Blues Brothers’ video once too often, original members Pete Clifford, Russ Fisher and Jolyon Bull leave to start a blues band.