1988 In Brief

Royal Oak Morris in 1988

Dance Outs

More firsts this year.  We have our first St George's Day dance out, we danced at the first of what becomes 'Inebriate Tours', and, becoming brave,  our we went on our first Weekend of Dance  - with other Morris Dancers!!!!

This was down in Yeovil with Queen's Delight and Treacle Eater Clog.  Our first introduction to indoor camping, bus tours, massed stands and the general fun of a Morris Weekend.  During the weekend, we were exposed to lots of other interesting Morris sides.  Kevin can remember Jackstaws Morris, a London based side, made up from beautiful, cloned, almost identical, ladies.  And then there was Ludmila, Rose & Castle's mysterious Gypsy fiddler, in her backless, sideless, almost frontless, slinky frock on the Friday night...

Joan won a spot prize during Saturday evening's Barn Dance and was given the somewhat vulgar 'Private Parts Catering Company' badge - which she wore ever after with pride!

Kit now includes leg - and later arm - ribbons in red and blue.  Initial batch of blue leg ribbons fade to grey but are still worn with pride by early members

Comings - and Goings

We had two new members joined this year, Dave & Praveen (and their tiny daughter Taron) from Woodford.  Dave unfortunately had a knack of rubbing people up the wrong way and by June several members were saying they were going to drop out if Dave stayed.  Things came to a head at Yeovil, when the 'Hanging Committee' met in the pub garden on Sunday lunchtime and nominated Kevin as Squire as the man to explain to Dave that he wasn't fitting in.  So sadly we had another first (and luckily so far last) of having to ask someone not to come again.

Praveen drops out by the end of the summer.  We also lose Trevor Marshall who moves up to Midgely in Yorkshire.