2011 In Brief

Royal Oak Morris in 2011

Dance Outs

Busy old year, with 33 performances all told, and seven of them paid bookings!      Dancing was good too, possibly due to a reduced repertoire of 18 dances that we had practiced over the previous winter.  New danced out dances included Dave T's Month of May.

Unlike last year, we only had to cancel one dance through lack of numbers and only did one performance with less than 6 dancers, and this with Lin & Pete being away most of the summer.

Comings - or Goings

This September, Adrian Dyer, ex-Paragon Pit dancer, and his daughter Heidi, joined us.   Mary didn't dance out with us at all this year, but David T gradually moved over the course of the season from musician to dancing musician as he convalesed.  Conversely, John Cannell's back got steadily worse so, until he got some more pills in August, he was playing less frequently.  (Since then he has had the wonder operation, so big hopes for next year.)